The Book is Out!: Not in the Same Breath: A Yiddish & English Book of Poetry

Become a Snake or a Lover
"[This] beautiful, sophisticated, deep and playful book just might turn you into a snake or a lover: The power is there. The sorrow and wry humor of Yiddish, leavened with Torah learning, resonate limitlessly, explosively. You're sure to fall for Not in the Same Breath." 

That's what Elinor Nauen had to say about Zackary Sholem Berger's new book of English and Yiddish poetry from Yiddish House LLC. Whether you like English, Yiddish, or fascinating illustrations, you won't want to miss this book. See below or click here for more details. 

"I read this book with great eagerness, much enjoyment and a real sense of satisfaction. ... May your readers multiply!" -- Dov-Ber Kerler, poet and chair in Yiddish Studies at Indiana University

Stay tuned for information about our launch party, tentatively scheduled for Sunday, July 17th, in Baltimore - featuring live music, poetry readings, special guests, books for sale, and video streaming to an on-line audience of millions!

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About the Book
and how to buy it
Not in the Same Breath is the first original book by the poet and translator Zackary Sholem Berger. The Yiddish and English chapbook, with surprising illustrations and graphic design by Jeremy Kargon, isn't a customary bilingual edition of facing-page translations, but a collection of independent poems in the two languages. Whether you know English, Yiddish, or a little bit of both, there is much here to reward your perusal. Springing nimbly over centuries, the work connects English and Yiddish in unexpected and world-broadening ways.

The book features "rabbinic approval" (in almost-but-not-quite a parody of the style) by the well-known dissident Chassidic blogger Katle Kanye.

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