Floating at night

The hospital, with all its activity and mad transformation, is subdued at night. A cover is dropped over everything.

But it is not as if everything goes to sleep. The activity is dampened but not stilled, like music heard outside a soundproofed room.

Even those events that happen in a mad rush - the resuscitation, the emergency surgery - feel slower. It is night's recognition that daytime matters. Not every shift is like every other.
The renaissance cosmopolitan

A friend/colleague of mine made the following throwaway comment today which I found interesting:
Renaissance people were dabblers - you could have influence or excel in a number of different fields. Today the only way to be a Renaissance person is to feel comfortable anywhere in the world, whether in rural Arkansas or a megalopolis of twenty million.


Another loss for the co-inventor of the calculus

No one calls them Fig Leibnizes.


Como un récord, baby.

Yes, the "new Almodóvar" is a moving tale of love, murder, sin, and the supernatural. But I was every bit as excited as I was by the plot to learn that "to flip out" in today's Spain is flipárselo.