Growing out of all its shoes

This blog is now two years old (plus nine days or so). Big slices of cake with icing may be left in the comments.


Career decisions
by blog.

So I don't know if I want to be a primary-care doctor or a psychiatrist when I grow up. Any advice, opinions, or facetious remarks? (Talmudic references, or lehavdl quotes from Auden, are always appreciated, whether or not they're relevant.)


A stethoscope and a plausible manner doesn't make me a doctor
Or: I'm a conman and you're a moron.

Sample dialogues like this are really my main source of medical education.


Let's choose a new head
. . . and return to Egypt?

Concerned citizens of the Conservative movement would do well to look at this blog, with its blow-by-blow (or yawn-by-groan) account of JTS's search for a new chancellor. Sources tell me that the bylaws were changed just last week (more or less oligarchically) to include fewer academics on the selection committee. This means that an organizational non-entity will be chosen, one who will make Conservative Jews from Forest Hills to Jerusalem roll over as one and go to sleep. But if I ruled the world? David Golinkin, maybe. Perhaps a notable talmid-khokhem or Jewish academic scholar who happens to be a C. Jew. I didn't think Judy Hauptman would be interested in the job, but it looks like she's done some thinking on the subject. Is this a campaign editorial?