A Louisvillian's dubious claim to fame

Crystal Meredith? Went to school with her.

Not that I agree with her suit.


What it's like to be an intern
A week before I unbecome one.

Resident: Says "Let's get a quick [arterial blood] gas."

1. Sighs inwardly.

2. Goes and finds
a. a little syringe with some heparin in it so that the blood doesn't clot
b. some alcohol swabs
c. a Ziploc bag
d. another little syringe for a second try
e. needles to stick with

3. Goes into the patient room, lays supplies at bedside. Says: "I'm sorry, I need to get some blood from you."

4. Realizes that he has forgotten
a. Gauze
b. Some ice in the bag

5. Raises up the bed so he doesn't break his back.

6. Finds the pulse.

7. Gives the patient a considerate and well-meaning count-of-three.

8. Sticks the patient.

9. Doesn't get it on the first try [return to step 5], or the second, or the . . . ha! Gets it on the third try.

10. Holds gauze on the sticking point till the bleeding stops.

11. Takes the bag up to the lab.

12. Knocks on the door. Shouts "Hello?" Hears an echo.

13. Pages the person he's looking for.

14. Hands in the blood.

15. Waits by the computer, refershing the lab results page about twenty times till the results come back.

16. Hustles back to the resident with slip of paper in hand. "The gas [huff, puff] is seven point [whew] two three . . ."

Resident [absentmindedly]: "Hey, thanks! Yeah, I thought that's what it would be. Listen, can you just get some quick cultures off this guy -- and then guaiac him?"
What about stupid versus dumb?

Sage advice heard in the ER today:
"It's much better to be smart than intelligent."


I am distraught!

Gertel's closes tomorrow.

I will eat for comfort.


Justice, justice, shalt thou eat

A blog about the "social justice hechsher." (Hat tip to S.B. of Louisville.)


Avraham Burg: chauffeured hypocrite
And partial prophet.

Yes, Burg is a paragon of self-righteousness ("so attached to Zionism," wrote a commentator in Haaretz, "that he drove around with a chauffeur paid for by the Sochnut years after he left its employ"), but he makes many thought-provoking points about problems afflicting Zionism. (English here.)

NB: I don't at all agree with his misguided political analogies, and I don't think Israeli society is basically violent. But I do think Zionism suffers from weaknesses, and few other Zionists (or ex-Zionists) besides Burg are pointing these out with such uncompromising clarity.
Difficulty naming objects
. . . in English, maybe.

Neurology consult's note (about a Spanish-speaking patient of mine): "The patient has some difficulty naming objects. He calls eyeglass lenses 'crystal.'"
In other words, he calls eyeglass lenses cristal.


Random booksightings

I saw some interesting books at BEA. I also learned that asking politely "Do you have any samples?" will work only if (like my wife) your badge bears the name of a major book publisher, or if you are leadng a three-year-old by the hand and you are looking at children's books.

I saw:

Fotografiando las matematicas (a gorgeous album with depictions of "integral," "solid," and other concepts)

a volume of addresses by Sir William Osler, put out by Duke UP, of interest only because it demonstrated a tendency to hyperannotate a work which is actually not all that worthy of interest (e.g. the reader is informed helpfully that "Nicotine, Bacchus, and Aphrodite" refer to the vices of smoking, alcohol, and sex, respectively)

a book of problems in number theory from the training manuals of the Math Olympiad team from the U.S.

some fascinating Spanish-language poetry

Lineas Urbanas, a slim collection of essays in Spanish about New York City

a facsimile hardcover edition, pocket-size in all but width, of Les Fleurs du Mal with illustrations by Matisse

. . . but no Judaica, because I didn't get over to where it was