Birobidzhan dot gov

Random observations:

1. I don't see the name Birobizhan anywhere. The official abbreviation is now "JAR" (Jewish Autonomous Region). The title of the web site is written in Funky Jewish (or whatever that faux-Hebrew font is called). No Yiddish on the site.

. . . oh, wait. Mistake. Birobidzhan is the name of the main city, while the JAR is the name of the region. I think I knew that.

2. If anyone would like to further muse on the evil conspiracy between Yiddishists and gays-and-lesbians, feel free to note that the flag of the JAR features a rainbow stripe.

With regard to the region's heraldry [!], the following is noted: "The figure of the tiger is turned to the right toward a viewer that symbolizes an unusual history and original way of the Region’s development." "Unusual" and "original" is certainly one way to put it. ("Deportation" might be another, but let's not split hairs.)

3. In the matter of religious observance in the JAR, the site states:
On January 1, 2003 in the region 27 registered religious organizations have been acted. The leading position belongs to Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) of the Moscow Patriarchy. Ten parishes of ROC function on the territory of the region. Two Judaic communities actively work also. Besides, there are several Protestant religious organizations.

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