Election Day!
In Kiryas Joel.

It's the Aharonites vs. the Zalman Leib-ists, round twenty-seven, as KJers go to the polls to elect a mayor and two members of the village council. The Times Herald-Record's crack KJ reporter, Chris McKenna, has a good roundup of who the candidates are and why they hate each other. McKenna writes:
[The KJ Alliance -- that is, the Zalman Leib faction in KJ] has established
itself as a significant voting bloc of its own but one that still occupies a
distinctly minority position.

In 2001, its candidates lost by 600-vote margins of more than 4,100 cast.
In 2004, when approximately 4,500 voted, the margins were closer to 800.

I don't know what these figures are supposed to show, but I gather the claim is that the Alliance is getting stronger in KJ. I doubt it. I bet they'll get clobbered today too.

Update: This is why I don't make my living as a political pundit. The Alliance made a very strong showing (though they still lost).

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