To the Rabbinical Assembly

I just had a chance to daven (as shliekh tsiber) from the newish Sim Shalom siddur for weekdays, known as "Slim Shalom."

One request, though. Can I ask you esteemed rabbis -- when you next publish a book, and it includes a Yiddish selection, can you please, please proofread it? Pick a spelling system. Any spelling system; you have several to choose from! (I have a soft spot for YIVO, but it is a sefer, after all, so you might go with Standard Charedi.) Even Soviet spelling. Anything's better than what-the-hell-it's-only-Yiddish-let's-spell-it-however-we-want. Ditto for the transliteration.

Pretty please? Look, I'll do it for free.

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