Hiatus prep

It's not like I post that much anyway, but soon I'll be blogging even less, what with the start of my residency on July 1st and other writing projects. As General MacArthur did not say when leaving the Philippines in 1942, I really hope to be back here at some point soon -- with further hospital tales, poetry, Jewish curiosities, and the like.


  1. Anonymous5:15 PM


    When's your new novel coming out?

  2. Anonymous5:17 PM

    also, how might one be able to find Yiddish novels, like Boris Sandler's?

  3. Thanks for asking! The novel's coming out when it's (a) done, (b) worth publishing, (c) found a publisher (or I figure out how to self-publish in a respectable and distributable way), and (d) financially sound -- i.e. done in such a way which won't lose me thousands of dollars.

    Contemporary, non-Charedi Yiddish novels are best purchased through CYCO Books (Google for info). Contemporary Charedi Yidddish novels can be found all over, but Eichler's Boro Park is a place to start. Classic Yiddish novels are best bought through CYCO or the National Yiddish Book Center.

    Happy purchasing!