I Am Forbidden

In this morning's Publishers Lunch, the following "new deal" is included as a tidbit:
[...] Anouk Markovits's I AM FORBIDDEN, an English-language debut which takes the reader inside the world of the Satmar, the most insular and fundamentalist of Hasidic sects.
Assiduous (just now!) Googling reveals that Markovits is a novelist. No other information is available as we go to press quickly hit the Publish button.


  1. Laura9:49 PM

    I'm quite curious about Anouk Markovits. If the blurb on unpious.com is true, she seems to be quite the anomaly. Why is there no contact info for her?

  2. Anonymous1:05 AM

    she is an anomaly. it is all true. i went to school with her.