Goldberg the Tank Engine

Goldberg had been out all of Thursday and Friday; he was hot and tired. Towards Friday afternoon, he saw that the Driver and the Fireman were coming out. He decided to speak to them.

"Are we going out this evening?" he asked.

"Yes," said the Fireman, lighting the fire and making a lot of steam.

Goldberg looked cross. "It is my Sabbath," he said, "my day of rest. I do not want to go out on the Sabbath."

Goldberg's friend Patel the Locomotive chimed in. "Please do not make Goldberg go out on Saturday," he said.

The Driver pulled the lever, and Goldberg began to pull away. "Oh no!" he cried. "We are going out. I will have to travel beyond the inhabited boundaries of Sodor."

Patel shouted, "Help! Somebody help Goldberg!"

Another friend of Goldberg's, Peng the "Old Warrior," shunted a car onto the track that Goldberg was traveling on. There was a tremendous noise.

The Fireman shook his finger at Goldberg. "I am very cross that you are not going out today," he said. The Driver agreed.

"I am sorry," said Goldberg.

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