Epic recommendations

I asked my Facebook friends to recommend book-length poems to me. I am stashing the list here for my reference and anyone else's curiosity.

Garbage, A.R. Ammons
Letter from Iceland, W.H.Auden & Christopher Isherwood
A Poetics, Charles Bernstein
Der Geyer, M. Boraisho
The Ring and the Book, Robert Browning
Don Juan, Lord Byron
Watercolor Women/Opaque Men, Ana Castillo
Points for a Compass Rose, Evan S. Connell
The Bridge, Hart Crane
South America Mi Hija, Sharon Doubiago
The Song of Hiawatha
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
The Odyssey, Homer
Anathemata, David Jones
Dizner Tshayld Harold, Moyshe Kulbak
Fungi from Yuggoth, H.P.Lovecraft
Idylls, Jonas Mekas
Pale Fire, Vladimir Nabokov
Collected Works of Billy the Kid, Michael Ondaatje
Metamorphoses, Ovid.
The Same Sea, Amos Oz
Eugene Onegin, Alexander Pushkin
Testimony, and Holocaust, Charles Reznikoff
Golden Gate, Vikram Seth
‎Paterson, William Carlos Williams
Deepstep Come Shining, C.D. Wright
A, Louis Zukofsky

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