Presenting the presenters!

I was at Hopkins last week giving a talk as a recipient of one of the GIM Housestaff Research Awards. The other awardees were impressive. I wish they were as blogorrheic as I am, so I could provide links to their life & work. In any case, among the presentations were
  • a discussion by Matt DeCamp of intellectual property rights and distributive justice, and their interdependence
  • Lee Jennings' study of osteoporosis treatment in the hospital (per guidelines: calcium, vitamin D, and anti-resorptive/bone-forming agents). Two percent of patients got recommended treatment in-house!
  • a sobering fact about residents' physical examinations of women (Rosette Chakkalakal): they don't listen to the heart like they should (is it because they respect too much their patients' modesty? or they're uncomfortable with moving their breast out of the way?)
  • a study by Nitin Kapur of interpartner violence and sexually transmitted infections among Indian women (with a 1-month prevalence of IPV of around 20%, if I remember correctly; related link)

  • Last but not least, my study about factors associated with patients' failure to fill new asthma prescriptions [Google version above not yet re-edited to account for Power Point - Google incompatibility].

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