Statins in patients with high C-Reactive Protein "cut the risk of heart disease in half"?

Shorter New England Journal on the JUPITER study
(a corrective to reports like this one)

1. We knew statins helped lower the risk of heart disease anyway.
2. Now we have an industry-funded study to tell us that statins help in people with high CRP.
3. They cut the risk of cardiovascular events from 1.8% (per year) to 0.9%. Yes - a relative risk reduction of 0.5. But 1.8% and 0.9% are both low numbers. Do you have patients who would think this difference meaningful?
4. The study excluded basically everyone we meet in the real world: folks with high cholesterol, diabetes, and kidney disease.
5. We still don't know if CRP risk stratification helps improve outcomes.
6. We're not buying it.

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