Happy Purim!

Who has time to get drunk on Purim? I rarely manage to have more than a shot or two. How is Blanca ever going to learn to say "Father, dear father, come home with me now/The clock in the steeple strikes one"?

Some doggerel, if you're not getting shalekhmones from me.

If you're a rabbi, judicate
If you're a doctor, cure
If you're a heretic, be in doubt --
if scalpling, be sure.

If you're a cookie, delectate
if Esther now, don't fast
Don't gird yourself for battle
The lots are long since cast.

If sworn enemy, think it over
If you're our God, defend
This year, Esther, let your hair down
like a child, pretend.

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    If this, it's very hip: