Who cut the khreyn?
And other Passover questions.

I'm thinking about the following questions during this Pesach season. You are invited to roll your eyes at them, ignore them, discuss them, think about them, or suggest your own.

1. Does it matter whether the Exodus story is historical?

2. How can one story (the Exodus) yield contradictory interpretations - e.g. the Jews are God's chosen people, yet the Jews were deserving of extermination in the desert?

3. Did the Israelites do anything to make themselves worthy of redemption - or was it all Moses'/Aaron's/God's doing?

4. What is the connection of chametz to Passover?

5. Can one people redeem another, or is that unwanted interference in the internal affairs of another nation?

6. If God chose the Jews, what did God choose them for?

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