Giggle-inducing machzor translations
Grand Prize.

A gut kvitl!

(Meaning: I hope your happiness, prosperity, and general bounty of Divine providence, signed and sealed upstairs this past Yom Kippur, are efficiently processed by the Upper Yeshiva's bureaucracy and legislated into law come Hoshannah Rabbah.)

I just wanted to comment on how unfortunate it is that the worst poem ever and the worst ever rhyming couplet (below) are both in machzorim of the Conservative movement.

Please turn to page 351 in your gray machzor:
Bandits have pursued me, fast and fleet
But none pursue me faster than my own feet.

A close second place (not a couplet, but would you really want a second line to this baby?):
My soul, my heart, and every inward part . . .

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