Stepping out of character for a moment . . .

This isn't a politiblog, nor do I want it to be, but I want to encourage all my readers to vote for John Edwards on March 2nd. The differences between him and Kerry are not related to policy. With regard to the war in Iraq, which I think was generally a good idea despite Bush's unprecedented lack of planning and actively harmful foreign policy, both Democratic candidates seem to have supported it, though Dean drove them (too far) left in their votes against continuing funding for troops in Iraq. In domestic policy, too, not much separates them. (Edwards' campaigning on trade is misleading and a tad disturbing.) However, much I have heard and read about Kerry serves to emphasize his great weaknesses of personality: a tendency to make clear positions seem less clear, even suspicious. This, plus his lack of articulateness and tendency to bloviate, will make him an easy target in November.

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