Friends of Aron

Did anyone go to this? Want to tell me how it was? (I mean, I can read the pro-Aron Chasidic newspaper to tell me it was terrific, and the pro-Zalmen Leib newspaper to make dark insinuations about the proceedings, but an eyewitness report would be helpful.)

Cong. Yetev Lev D’satmar takes great pride in extending this invitation to participate in an extraordinary event, The Satmar Hasidic Community, in an expression of profound joy, is hosting a

Gala Engagement Party

celebrating the upcoming marriage of Mr. Joel Glantz and Ms. Roiza Blima Teitelbaum. The new bride is the daughter of Rabbi Mendel Teitelbaum, the eldest son of Rabbi Aron Teitelbaum, Chief Rabbi of Kiryas Joel in upstate Orange County, NY Rabbi Aron is the eldest son of the Satmar Grand Rebbe, Rabbi Moshe Teitelbum who proudly celebrates the engagement of his first great-grand-daughter.

Thousands of community members, from all over the five boroughs, Monroe, Monsey and beyond, are expected to attend this historic event. Your presence at this beautiful occasion, called a "Tnoyim", will greatly enhance the joy of the Teitelbaum family and the entire Satmar community. The event will be held in a specially constructed and heated tent on:

Saturday Night, February 7, 2004
At 10:15 PM
At the Corner of Lee Avenue and Taylor Street
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York

For more information, directions and to confirm your attendance at [...] or [...]. I look forward to personally greeting you at behalf of Cong. Yetve Lev this enjoyable and memorable evening.

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