In Which Leon Wieseltier, Writer of Long Sentences, Lets Sense Plummet Into Disrepute

"I have watched ideals and traditions that I cherish -- a certain sort of liberalism; a certain sort of philosophy; the speaking of Hebrew; easel painting; the joyful making of books; long sentences; and even the sound of a voice, in personal communications--fall into disrepute. (We all have such a list.)"

Thus Leon Wieseltier in The New Republic (on what should be known, for as long as he occupies the real estate, as the Back Page Without Paragraphs). Do you know what is on my list, Leon? Making sense.

The "speaking of Hebrew" is in disrepute? 

There's a country where they speak Hebrew, Leon. All the time. 

And I'm not sure what you mean by "the sound of a voice, in personal communications," but I spoke to a fair number of people today.

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