Ten reasons for health reform (with asterisks next to what Obama's effort might help with)

1. The uninsured.*
2. The uneven delivery of health care, which varies from hospital to hospital, region to region.
3. The money spent on ineffective care, using resources for the sake of those resources' continuing existence.*
4. The general unsustainability of expenditures.
5. The holes in our systems of preventive care*, care for immigrants, and care for non-English speakers.
6. The overabundance of specialists.*
7. The philosophical and ethical failures of the current medico-industrial establishment.
8. It all costs too much & we can't afford it (repetition of 4. for emphasis)
9. Other countries do it better.
10. If we give veterans, the old, and the poor evidence-based medicine (or at least we're starting to try) why can't we do it for everybody?×

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