My hobby

(with apologies to xkcd)

Judging articles in the medical literature based on whether the authors have cool names.

Boring paper:
Project LIFE-Learning to Improve Fitness and Function in Elders: Methods, design, and baseline characteristics of randomized trial.
Good paper:
Enck P, Zimmermann K, Menke G, Müller-Lissner S, Martens U, Klosterhalfen S.
A mixture of Escherichia coli (DSM 17252) and Enterococcus faecalis (DSM 16440) for treatment of the irritable bowel syndrome - A randomized controlled trial with primary care physicians.

Excellent paper:

Adeoye AO, Omotoye OJ.
Eye disease in Wesley Guild Hospital, Ilesa, Nigeria.
Afr J Med Med Sci. 2007 Dec;36(4):377-80.
Note that the Dutch are usually at the top of the heap as well. How can anyone resist these authors?
Thyroid hormone transport and metabolism by OATP1C1 and consequences of genetic variation.
van der Deure WM, Hansen PS, Peeters RP, Kyvik KO, Friesema EC, Hegedus L, Visser TJ.

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