Cool vs. High-Strung

Obama has been anointed the Cool Candidate on the strength of his spellbinding stemwindery. I feel my inborn contrariness (rhymes with orneriness) pulling me away from Coolness and toward hard-bitten (maybe even a little embittered) experience. Hillary, anyone?


  1. reb dovid6:00 PM

    he's not the wave or you're not riding it?

  2. Well, for me the thing is, I am really enjoying having an election that is a contest. So when one is surging I want the other, and vice versa. In any case I live in Michigan where Obama didn't run and the votes won't even count, which made some of us who have been waiting a long time for such an interesting election rather annoyed. Whatever you say about either of them, it's the most interesting election we've had in a long time!