Random booksightings

I saw some interesting books at BEA. I also learned that asking politely "Do you have any samples?" will work only if (like my wife) your badge bears the name of a major book publisher, or if you are leadng a three-year-old by the hand and you are looking at children's books.

I saw:

Fotografiando las matematicas (a gorgeous album with depictions of "integral," "solid," and other concepts)

a volume of addresses by Sir William Osler, put out by Duke UP, of interest only because it demonstrated a tendency to hyperannotate a work which is actually not all that worthy of interest (e.g. the reader is informed helpfully that "Nicotine, Bacchus, and Aphrodite" refer to the vices of smoking, alcohol, and sex, respectively)

a book of problems in number theory from the training manuals of the Math Olympiad team from the U.S.

some fascinating Spanish-language poetry

Lineas Urbanas, a slim collection of essays in Spanish about New York City

a facsimile hardcover edition, pocket-size in all but width, of Les Fleurs du Mal with illustrations by Matisse

. . . but no Judaica, because I didn't get over to where it was

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