An Intern's Lexicon
Version 1.0
Descriptive only. Not prescriptive, endorsed, or reflective of these terms' actual scholarly or humanistic meanings.

A-stick (v.) to draw blood through puncturing the radial artery.

Baseline: at baseline (adj.) Describing a usual or healthy state before arrival in the hospital or before some insult or incident. "His baseline mental status is poor."

Code: 1. (v.t.) To attempt to resuscitate a patient. (n.) An attempted resuscitation. 2. (v.i.) To undergo an attempted resuscitation. 3. (v.i.) To die after an unsuccessful attempted resuscitation. 4. full code (adj.): Someone who is to be resuscitated in case of cardiopulmonary arrest. Opposite of DNR.

Cute: (adj.) Possessed of some attractive or positive attribute. Used of older patients. "That patient of mine in the step-down is so cute! He sits there with his blanket, reads the paper, and asks me how I am when I pre-round on him in the morning."

Dispo: (Short for "disposition.") (n.) Plans for discharge, or a patient's destination upon being discharge. "She's hanging out, waiting for dispo."

DNR: Short for Do Not Resuscitate.

Fail: (v.) (paradoxical reverse construction) To be unsuccessfully treated by a medication. "That gomer failed Vanc[omycin], so we put him on Imi[penem]."

Female: (n.) Woman.

Fix: (often jocular) (v.) To treat, especially acutely. "Your list is so small!" "I fixed everybody."

Gome: Short for "get out of my emergency room." Originally used in House of God, now generally used. n. An older, chronically ill, demented patient. -- Gomey (adj.)

Hang out: (v.) To stay in the hospital while no longer acutely ill. "Anything going on with Mr. Smith?" "He's just hanging out."

Ins-and-outs: Measurements of intake and output on the part of the patient.

Jeopardy: (n.) A backup system whereby certain residents are called in when others become sick or otherwise unavailable.

Male: (n.) Man.

Mental status: (n.) Cognition.

Psych issue: (n.) Psychiatric, psychological, or emotional complication. More generally, any expression of feeling.

Resp (v.) : Short for "respire." To breathe at a certain rate. "The patient is resping at 36."

With it: (adj.) Able to converse; interactive. "He was with it when he came into the hospital

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