Primeval compassion
. . . When the time has come for the renewal of the world, primeval compassion is awakened[.] Since the creation of the world was without any awakening on the part of humanity but only on the part of God, when that primeval compassion was awakened, the enslavement of Joseph and the slavery of our ancestors were annulled. It is thus favorable that every year the compassion of Creation awakes, as the Baal Shem Tov said in commenting on [a verse in Psalms]. Let there be light always keeps the world in existence. Therefore, when this compassion is awakened every year, and God is desirous, it is favorable for the people Israel.

--the Mei HaShiloach, aka R' Mordkhe Yoysef Leiner of Izhbits, on parshes Emor (my translation)
"And God is desirous"*: is this contingent?

*ולכן כשנתעורר בכל שנה זה החסד וחפץ השי"ת אז הוא ניחא לכלל ישראל.

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