The earth will be devoured by the sun

Ten billion years from now. That’s what they say.
Come on! Let’s think about what can be done.

It’s true, we’ve had an enviable run
Although it might not always seem that way.
Have you read how the ancients saw the sun

As a capricious god? You wanted none
Of that in school – now bend your knees and pray.
Surely there’s something more that can be done!

I guess that you could take a loaded gun,
Abduct professors of astronomy,
Demand solutions to the giant sun

That’s engulfing all our neighbors, first one
Then anoth – Look, the moon’s been swept away
By fire’s tides. Before destruction’s done

Let’s clutch our sides and laugh: It sure was fun
To be alive in those few heady days
Between the core of earth and molten sun,
Between our wishes and what can be done.

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