What I bought at the candy store
[Many links to pages in Hebrew, which is probably not good linking etiquette.]

1. Yehuda Feliks, Animals and Plants of the Torah. Because I've always wanted to own it.

2. Moshe Tzvi Segal, The Complete Ben-Sira. Because of a certain discussion we've been having over here, Dov W. and I.

3. Jacob Katz, Between Jews and Gentiles. Because I've been reading Jacob Katz ever since I became interested in Jewish history. And because the book cost five dollars.

4. Yitzkhak Klein, Religion as a Philosophical Problem. I have no idea if the book's any good or not, but a cursory browse caught my interest. And this too cost me only five dollars.

5. Sha'agas Aryeh, the responsa.

What I didn't buy, but wanted to

A history of medieval Hebrew linguistics.
A visual Hebrew dictionary.
Mysterious Creatures.
A Dictionary of Babylonian Aramaic. (Someday it'll drop below $100.)

What was supposedly in stock at the sale, but couldn't be found by the salesperson

The Festivals and Jewish Law, by Zevin.

What I already own, and plan to write about soon-ish on this blog

Medicine and Jewish Law, volume III.

What I noticed at this year's sale

Less people, less kitsch Judaica, fewer books. Or maybe that was just my imagination.

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