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A Google search on Lipa Schmeltzer unearthed a post of yours from this time last year.

Truth be told, I myself, was not too much into either FJM (Frum Jewish Music) in general or Lipa Schmeltzer in particular until last week when someone showed me a clip of Lipa's Hebrew Academy For Special Children (HASC) 2005 concert video performance. Lipa did a Yiddish sendup of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight".

The song, as you may know, started life in 1939 in South Africa as Solomon Linda's "Mbube", was recast as "Wimoweh" by the Weavers in 1950, as the immortal, international chart-topping "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" by the Tokens in 1961 and from there, after many re-recordings finally made it into the epic Lion King. However, arguably it did not reach its true destiny until it got its first Yiddish rendition.

While Lipa's version hues musically to the original, lyrically it does not. Interestingly though, the lyrics give two nods to the original. Suggestively, perhaps, the chorus "A-wee-ma-way" becomes the vaguely rhyming "Abi Me'Leibt" and more persuasively, the phrase "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" makes a cameo appearance in a scene at Penn Station.

In 2004 Lipa did a special rendition of "Gelt" for the HASC concert and both that performance and his "Abi Me'leibt" can be seen here. Additionally the "Abi Me'Leibt" video [can be seen here]. As something of an after-thought, if you wish, you may certainly use any of the above material for your blog, if you see fit, in which case I would prefer anonymity.

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