If you haven't heard enough about metzitzah b'peh
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My instincts, both scientifically and halachically, tell me that those advocating metzitzah b'peh by suction tube (rather than direct oral suction) are in the right. But if the haredi community considers it important enough, another option might be to institute a stringent screening program for mohalim such that herpes would disqualify. Technical details of testing aside (which would be difficult to various reasons), ethical problems would still remain in this case. Even if a community were to accept upon itself some risk for deleterious outcomes (i.e. genital herpes) in circumcised children, such acceptance would not be legitimate, for the simple reason that the consent of these infants is impossible to obtain!

What comes to mind, however, is that such consent is exactly what we are not obtaining in (non-herpetic!) circumcision. There is an obvious difference, however. Normal circumcision (i.e. with a non-diseased moyel, or non-oral suction) is a medically safe procedure. Circumcision with oral suction, as demonstrated in this paper, is not. Of course, the case for circumcision still needs to be made, but it is prima facie defensible in a way that oral suction isn't.

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