Don't do Ragu!

Sighted at the Gristedes (a grocery store, for those of you living outside the Holy City of Five Boroughs): two women, probably from India or Pakistan going by their language and dress, in the pasta-and-sauce aisle. Even though I didn't understand their language, it was clear that one of them was learnedly explaining to the other exactly how one uses Ragu spaghetti sauce.

Now, on the one hand, everyone is free to make their own choices, the immigrant experience is something difficult and labyrinthine, I'm sure Ragu and pasta are cheaper than just about anything else you could buy (except for Ramen, maybe), etceteblah. On the other hand, I wanted to shake the Ragu-lover hard by the shoulders and cry out, "My God, woman! Your own food is so much better!"


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