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Di Kats der Payats - The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss, in Yiddish
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The Cat is now here! Di Kats der Payats iz shoyn do!

DI KATS DER PAYATS, The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss in a new
Yiddish translation, is available for purchase NOW at
www.yiddishcat.com for $15 plus shipping and handling.
Includes the eye-catching colors, illustrations, and rhyme
scheme of the original, in Yiddish letters and
transliteration (English letters), plus an alphabet chart in
the back.

See us this Sunday from 12 to 4 at the Klezmer Meets Jazz
street fair on Madison between 42nd and 57th!

DI KATS DER PAYATS, The Cat in the Hat af yidish, ken men
SHOYN koyfn af www.yiddishcat.com far 15 dolar plus
shikgelt. Dos bikhl nemt arayn di kolirn, ilustratsyes, un
gramen fun original, af yidishe un lataynishe oysyes, plus
an alef-beys-tabele bam sof.

Mir veln zayn afn "Klezmer Meets Jazz"-gasn-yarid dem
zuntik, fun 12 biz 4, af Medison-evenyu tsvishn 42ste un
57ste gasn. Khapt zikh tsu tsu undzer tish!

Di kats der payats
Iz shoyn do mit gramen.
Er vil me zol koyfn
un leynen tsuzamen.

There once was a Cat.
His hat was divine,
but Seuss-rhyming Yiddish?
He hadn't the time.

Vu koyft men? A shayle?
Ot zogt undz der lets:
"S'iz www.yiddishcat.com
afn oylem-hanets!"

But Di Kats der Payats?
Right out of the box
He speaks mame-loshn!
He changes your lox!

"S'iz nor fuftsn dolar
plus shikgelt. Ir hert?
A vilde metsie!
S'iz keday un s'iz vert!"

He ticks off your fish!
Your rake is long gone!
Just $15 plus shipping
at www.yiddishcat.com.

Git do oybn a klik.
Koyfts yidn, un koyft!
Nisht rut zikh, nor aylt zikh!
Nisht vart tsu, nor loyft!

Support feline Yiddish.
Come buy it! Why not?
You'll like it just fine.
You'll love it a lot.

The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss, in Yiddish

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